Yes, they do look like each other, Conor McGregor and the Notre Dame leprechaun, as spotted by UFC CEO Dana White.

He told “Esquire” magazine: “McGregor, who is also extremely Irish, has an upright stance when he fights, a style that is both entrancing to watch and almost comically traditionalist.

"He looks exactly like the Notre Dame logo," says White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, referring to the university's ornery bare-knuckled leprechaun.

He’s right. There are at least six ways Big Mac and the Fighting Elf resemble each other too.

  1. They look like each other
  2. They fight like each other, upright old fashioned stance, toe to toe with opponents
  3. Both are known as The Fighting Irish. The leprechaun represents the underdog Irish from generations go that other teams would shun. McGregor is the ultimate Celtic warrior
  4. The leprechaun had to beat out Mike the Irish terrier as the mascot and was almost shunned. Mcgregor was shunned for a long time too dismissed as a boastful loud mouth until he let his fists do the talking.
  5. Both come from humble beginnings. Artist Ted Drake got only $50 for drawing the icon in 1965 Mcgregor came from one of Dublin’s toughest areas, Crumlin
  6. Both represent the best of Irish America and Ireland, the fighting underdog spirit that has always distinguished the “indomitable Irishry,” as Yeats wrote. Both have a fight song for the leprechaun it’s “Cheer cheer for old Notre Dame” for Mcgregor it is “The Foggy Dew

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