Sheamie Garrihy, 7, has emerged as Ireland's newest star after his appearance on RTÉ's "Late Late Toy Show" on Friday night, November 24.

Garrihy, from Kilfenora, Co Clare, featured on the annual special to chat all things Lego but his distinct rural Irish charm quickly wooed not only first-time host Patrick Kielty, but the audience in the studio and indeed around the world.

"Before we start chattin' now, Patrick," the confident seven-year-old said, "do you mind if I say something quick to you?"

Kielty, of course, told Sheamie to 'tear away.'

Sheamie said: "After today now when I met you, I was thinking to myself - I bet you didn't know you have something in common with a seven-year-old from Co Clare."

Curious, Kielty asks what they have in common.

"It's both our first Toy Show, Patrick," Sheamie said with a cheeky smile.

The two then got down to business, discussing a spread of Lego sets. Sheamie said his granny wouldn't let him bring the pirate ship Lego set up to his own house, "but she let me bring it up to the big smoke."

Sheamie also said that his uncle "took a Lego day off work" to help him build the sets, but when asked where his uncle works, Sheamie replied diplomatically: "Well, Patrick, I don't want to be saying something like that now because I don't want to be getting him in trouble."

Sheamie admitted he, too, had to take a "Lego day off school" to build the sets.

The two continued to draw laughs for the roughly five-minute bit before Kielty concluded: "Sheamie give me a shout in a few years, think you and me could have a fair ol' night out with a couple pints."

After his star-making appearance on "The Toy Show," a joke began to circulate on X, formerly Twitter, that a GoFundMe to "buy Sheamie a pint" had been launched.

Click the link to donate #LateLateToyShow

— Killian O'Sullivan (@ActuallyKillian) November 24, 2023

When asked about the GoFundMe by the Irish Independent - which apparently didn't cop that the GoFundMe was a joke - Sheamie said it would be a long time until he was 18 to wait for a pint, and maybe he'd use the money to buy some chickens.

Late Late Toy Show star Sheamie talks about pints, chickens and block laying

— Irish Independent (@Independent_ie) November 25, 2023

Sheamie later told the Irish Sun: “I could hardly eat my breakfast because of the Toy Show.

"A load of young ones my own age were asking me for pictures with them and an autograph.

"All I know is I won’t be stuck for an auld beour."

Sheamie's rise to fame shows no sign of slowing, especially after he had The 2 Johnnies rolling with laughter on RTÉ 2FM on Monday with his chat of coverage and, of course, his mullet.

“All I want for Christmas is a bit of coverage” 😂😂

Sheamie, you’re a legend! 🥺#The2Johnnies2FM | @the2johnnies

— RTÉ 2FM (@RTE2fm) November 28, 2023