One thing you generally wouldn't expect on a Ryanair flight is a free alcoholic drink. But such was the case for some lucky passengers as Michael O'Leary took to the skies to celebrate his Grand National victory.

Those on board Ryanair's Liverpool to Dublin flight on Saturday evening hit the jackpot as the budget airline boss himself joined them and lead a major toast.

The billionaire announced to astonished passengers that they would be treated to free drinks during the 43 minute flight, to celebrate his horse Tiger Roll winning the Grand National steeplechase. 

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O'Leary even held up the Boeing 737 flight by thirty minutes to wait for winning jockey Davy Russell to board the aircraft.

Did anyone manage to get a free drink from Michael O'Leary over the weekend?

— Ryanair (@Ryanair) April 16, 2018

Despite plane delays usually provoking mass outrage - passengers here weren't complaining as O'Leary announced he would be giving away free alcohol - a rarity on Ryanair flights. 

The chief executive took to the plane's public address system to apologize for the hold up, saying: “This is because we had to bring the Grand National-winning jockey Davy Russell home."

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While people cheered he announced, “Today we won the Grand National so, unusually on board this flight, there’s going to be a free bar, which I am personally going to pay for.  So free bar, and we may need to do a circuit over Dublin to get it all done. Thank you and apologies once again.”

As for the catch? Passengers were restricted to one free drink only.

When he said one free drink for everyone, he meant one drink👇 #FreeBar #GrandNational #TigerRoll

— Ryanair (@Ryanair) April 16, 2018

Still - seldom seen is wonderful. And as we all know, Ryanair freebies are few and far between.

We hope those on board lived by the old adage "make hay while the sun shines" and made that free drink a memorable one!