This hilarious Irish comedy should be your next Netflix binge

Hardy Bucks has been on Netflix in North America and the UK for just about a month now, and the show has captured the hearts of fans old and new around the world.

Yeah beyotch! Americans will now see Swinford.

— Eddie Durkan (@EDDIEDURKAN) January 11, 2019

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Some users are revisiting Hardy Bucks, recalling when they watched the show when it first aired on RTÉ in Ireland. Others, however, are only discovering the show and are enamored.

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When asked why it hadn't been released sooner, Eddie Durkan himself replied:

The Irish government didn’t want the show getting out. Worried we’d scare all the tourists away.

— Eddie Durkan (@EDDIEDURKAN) January 22, 2019

Check out these rave reviews from Twitter:

I feel like I need to start a petition to get everyone in the world to watch Hardy Bucks cos it’s the funniest fucking thing ever seen but I’ve only got like 12 followers so no ones even gonna see this shit but your all fucking missing out so much you poor bastards #hardybucks

— Thirsty Mule (@TheTruthHurts50) January 26, 2019

Loving @HardyBucks it has characters who have the painful lack of introspection of the US Office, the satire and perpetual sadness of stratification, and a reminder that the drink is the cause/solution to all of life’s problems.

— Joshua Petre (@PetrePowder) January 31, 2019

The fact I’m only seeing @HardyBucks now here in Canada is criminal and unconstitutional. If you haven’t seen it stop everything, get on Netflix then say fuck off to the next ten hours of your life.

— Tupps (@PittRowdies) January 27, 2019

Just catching up on @HardyBucks the webisodes! @EDDIEDURKAN is absolute quality! Happy for @NetflixUK for introducing this to me! Great crack!

— James Charlesworth (@jiggasintown) January 26, 2019

Demolished the whole lot of @HardyBucks @EDDIEDURKAN and the lads on @NetflixUK in two days. If you’ve not seen it, watch it now, incredible. Get cracking with season 5 lads!

— Chris Tague (@Thechristoforus) January 24, 2019

I implore everyone to log into Netflix tonight, and watch every single @HardyBucks episode on there. One of my favourite shows, right from their early days on YouTube; finally available to all. Nails my type of humour. Enjoy

— Draft (@DraftUK) January 17, 2019

#HardyBucks really gives Its always Sunny in Philadelphia a run for its money. #itsalwayssunnyincastletown

— Liam Kerrigan (@liamkerrigan) January 14, 2019

#HardyBucks series on #Netflix

Love it.... few nights entertainment!

The best thing that came out of Mayo 閭閭閭#hardybucksonNetflix

— @GaryTraynor21 (@GaryTraynor21) January 16, 2019

Watch Hardy Bucks on Netflix. Really funny Irish comedy. Think Trailerpark boys meets It's always Sunny in Philadelphia but set in Ireland. #hardybucksonNetflix

— Ann-Marie O'Neill (@AmzieO) January 16, 2019

Lads. Finally. Witness The Viper, Eddie Durkan Hardly Workin, Buzz, The Boo and even oul French Toasht - all available now on your Netflix. Get Hardy Bucks watched. #hardybucksonNetflix

— MTRH (@HiggTain) January 15, 2019

If you've never seen Hardy Bucks you're missing out! Some show #HardyBucksOnNetflix

— Rónán (@RonanTimoney) January 15, 2019

@HardyBucks @EDDIEDURKAN just got to see hardy bucks and I’ve watched the whole fucking thing ... funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Fair play to ye boys. Hopefully you’ll make more! #hardybucksonNetflix #funnyshit #greatcraic

— TEMPLEOFCRISPS (@philly_mcbell) January 17, 2019

the best thing about hardy bucks is that it’s not even that inaccurate there’s genuinely people who go around acting like that hahahahaha they’re the image of those lads you’d meet at a party who think they’re deadly even though they’re still on the bang at 30 years old

— kate (@KateOShea98) February 2, 2019

If you've never seen #hardybucks then do yourself a favour, now on Netflix, hopefully they've added subtitles for all you non-Irish folk #Netflix

— Daniel Bohill (@dannybohill) January 26, 2019

#HardyBucks is one the best things I've seen in years... hilarious, honest, life affirming and littered with perfectly realised characters. Amazing work lads. @EDDIEDURKAN @MikeCockayne #craicmaster #4thwatch #thanksnetflix

— Goose Wilson  (@bjwpaterson) January 31, 2019

Ummm @HardyBucks on Netflix is so damn hilarious. A true gem. I will admit that I need to put the subtitles on because I’m a dumb American and can’t understand anything @Maloneyboy3000 is saying 

— Jaclyn Uloth (@jaclynuloth) January 29, 2019

If everything else disappeared off Netflix and Hardy Bucks was the only show left, I would still happily pay every month

— oops i did it hagan (@mmmarese) February 4, 2019

I fucking love the hardy bucks, name a better show go on do it, i live for the accents, hup toashteen, it’s just excellent

— Sarah  (@s_elhhenry) February 4, 2019

Check out this compilation of hilarious lines from Hardy Bucks here, and watch Hardy Bucks on Netflix here:

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