Old Moore's Almanac - not to be confused with the English publication Old Moore's Almanack! - was first published by Theophilus Moore in Ireland in 1764.

Old Moore's Almanac, now more than 250 years old, offers its predictions for the new year annually, some of which are eerily accurate, like its predictions of a ssummer heatwave in Ireland in 2022.

The 2023 edition of Old Moore's Almanac not only includes the predictions that Old Moore is famous for, but it also has some compelling and interesting articles.

For instance - Was an Irish monk actually the first person from the Western world to discover America? Can you get spiritual healing at Ireland’s Celtic mystic hotspots?

What Irish wedding traditions are we losing as other cultures encroach upon us? What will farming look like in the future?

Does the Irish education system need to be overhauled? What was the impact of Irish indentured slaves on the West Indies?

What will be the future of religion in Ireland? What rare Irish coins could you find in your attic that could bag you a fortune?

The magazine holds on to its position of having the highest circulation of any of the indigenous magazines in the country with sales hovering around 57,000 copies. It has enjoyed a revival in recent years due to its accurate predictions and its love of futurism.

The 2023 edition of Old Moore's Almanac, edited by Nicole Buckler, is now available for purchase online.

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Old Moore's Almanac Predictions for 2023:

  • A severe health warning for Trump.
  • In Ireland, house price rises will slow but still go up.
  • An Atlantic event affects the West Coast of Ireland and the coastline of other countries. This is a big one.
  • A “great reset” of the financial system. It has already started.
  • Recession but also a reordering 
  • Bank run, people trying to take out their funds, the world over. Your cash is not your cash.
  • Digital currencies issued by central banks are coming.
  • Russia will have a bad winter
  • Big tech companies will merge and fall
  • Asteroid in the news, it’s too close for comfort
  • Weather records set and broken again
  • Alien news that intrigues us
  • Submarine drama
  • Team Mars will be chosen
  • Internet outage across the world
  • 2023 is the year of AI, watch as jobs go to the bots
  • Meghan and Harry, marriage and money problems
  • A change of Pope
  • Gaelic Football: Kerry
  • Hurling All Ireland: Limerick