Gardaí (police) in Limerick have posted a video of a nun playing a game of ‘keepy uppy’ with one of their on duty cops.

In the video the Sister is wearing a black and white habit and the policeman is wearing his full garda uniform. The pair can be seen happily kicking the ball back and forth on Glentworth Street in Limerick.

Whilst Garda O’Connell and the intrepid nun are clearly talented soccer players, the gardaí made clear that, “We're not sure who won this time, a rematch will have to be scheduled.”

The Sister is attached to the Dominican Order and there are believed to be three other nuns from the same order living in the city all of whom moved from Nashville last summer.

Both were attending Our Lady of Limerick Triduum and Festival which celebrates everything from literature, poetry and rock and roll.

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