How to become the Notre Dame leprechaun?

Lads and Lassies dream of being him that moment when a national TV audience of tens of millions zooms in on the Leprechaun and his war cry rituals. Your face will be famous, unlike say the Georgia Bulldog, who is a dog.

In fact, you are one of the few mascots left who does not wear a mask.

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The silly green man (or woman)is one of the most famous mascots in the word but one that can be tough work. In addition to football, there’s men’s and women’s basketball, lacrosse, rugby, did I mention hockey?

But it appears despite all the jumping around and urging on the crowd, what is most needed is keeping your cool. Rather, what is most required of the leprechaun is unflappability.

The New York Times reported the key talents are “Can you stage an impromptu pep rally? Will you avoid saying the wrong thing on camera when a sideline reporter grabs you because the players are off limits? Are you O.K. with walking around, well, dressed like a leprechaun?”

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“They want to make sure you’re not awkward,” said JJ Doran, former leprechaun.

“Notre Dame is a school that puts so much faith in its image, and understandably so, and they trust you with that image as long as you’re wearing the green suit.”