During our recent IrishCentral survey on whether or not the term “Paddy’s Day” is offensive, it came to our attention that there are still a small number of our readers who insist on using the completely incorrect phrase “Patty’s Day,” despite knowing that it is deeply wrong.

We’ve had some words about this before on IrishCentral, but now a new Google Chrome Extension will help us rid our lives of St. Patty’s forever!

Yes, for all of those hooligans who insist on using St. Patty’s Day – even when they’ve been told time and time again that it’s a sure fire way to make an Irish person cringe to their core – we will have the last laugh.

In 2015, Dublin-based creative agency In the Company of Huskies discovered that there were still an alarming one billion impressions for the term “St. Patty’s Day” on Twitter alone, leaving plenty of opportunity for an innocent, unsuspecting Irish person to come across those three little worlds that would make them sick to the stomach and traumatize them for the remainder of St. Patrick’s Day and possibly even the year.

Just in time for March 17, 2016, however, the agency has created the perfect solution, saving the stomachs of all “Patty”-haters worldwide.

With their new, simple and free Google Chrome browser extension, all mentions of “St. Patty’s Day” will be replaced with “Paddy’s Day,” meaning that within the safe haven of the internet (how often do you get the say that!), you will run no risks of upset this March 17.

“We Irish are hugely proud of the fact that St.Patrick’s Day is celebrated the world over and lovingly known as ‘Paddy’s Day,’” said Dan Nugent from In the Company of Huskies.

“So over the coming days, we’ll be spreading the name of Paddy across social media and hopefully sparking a movement to drive ‘Patty’ away once and for all, just like St. Patrick did to those snakes.”

We’ve tried it out and we can confirm that the extension works wonders, highlighting any offenders they’ve changed in bold, green text so you know that it’s been changed.

Making use of the hashtag #nomorepatty, the company hopes that the new extension will turn the internet into a sea of green, putting the Paddy back in St. Patrick’s Day.

And the company is not alone this year in reminding people not to mix up their t’s with their d’s.

Illustrators Twisted Doodles put together this great little list of things to remember when the urge strikes you to use “Patty” instead of “Paddy,” mainly that patty belongs in a bun, not in a parade.

Last week, our IrishCentral survey revealed that 2% of those who responded still used “Patty’s Day” even though they were aware that it was wrong.

Out of those who took the poll, 59% (324 readers) didn’t believe that “Paddy’s Day" is an offensive term.

Worryingly, however, 39% believed that using “Paddy’s Day” was offensive, which makes me wonder if all my friends named Paddy are crying themselves to sleep every night for causing offense every time they introduce themselves.

 You can find the Google Chrome extension here.