Men and women are wanted in every town and village in Ireland to work as naked cleaners from €50 an hour. 

Just a few years after Ireland opened its first nudist beach, it seems we're going even further in our openness to nudity with a new business now looking for men and women all over the country to work as naked cleaners. 

Naked Cleaners Ireland does exactly what it says on the tin and is planning to soon open shop on a range of cleaning facilities that involve some aspect of nudity, including a full-frontal cleaning service, a bikini-clad deep clean, a sexy uniform once over or just a general fully-clothed clean. 

"Are you tired of your old job?" the ad reads.

"Looking for some excitement in your life along with a ton of cash? Then you have found the right place! Submit your details and we will be in touch!"

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The maids will be able to carry out chores such as dusting, vacuuming, making beds, sweeping and cleaning windows, all while you can sit down and watch them. They are currently searching for staff in all towns and villages across Ireland before they begin to offer their services. 

The company claims they will pay you as much as €50 an hour for work which, to be honest, is far below what we'd need for us to strip off to let somebody watch us wash up in the nip but each to their own! 

If it seems right up your alley, you can read more on the job here. 

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