Could we see more nudist beaches in Ireland in the future?

Temperatures in Ireland are still keeping the country sweating and with people getting more desperate in their measures to keep themselves cool, maybe this suggestion from the country’s nudists will start to appeal to them a little bit more.

Speaking on Ocean FM, Pat Gallagher of the Irish Naturist Association called for more nudist beaches across the country. The first official Irish nudist beach opened in April 2018 in Dalkey, Co. Dublin, but it’s believed there are several other unofficial sites, taking advantage of some of Ireland’s more secluded seaside spots.  

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Extraordinary sunshine today at our secret beach on the Irish East Coast despite cloudy weather forecast everywhere in the Dublin area!! We had the beach to ourselves!! Going back next week!! Send us a private message if you wish to come along. Leticia

— Irish Naturist Assoc (@irishnaturist) June 11, 2018

"In Sligo, there have been two that have been used for many, many, many years," Gallagher said of Ireland’s “unofficial nude bathing sites,” claiming there are a few in Donegal also "given the coastline that's there."

Brand new signs mean that Ireland is about to get its first official nudist-friendly beach (via @dailyedge)

— (@thejournal_ie) March 26, 2018

According to Gallagher, the Irish Naturist Association is currently in consultation with a number of city and county councils about adding the official number.

“Nobody is out to offend anyone and nobody should be offended by a nude body,” he added, stating that he has been aware of the nudist bathing spots in Ireland for the past fifty years.

Although there is only one official nude beach in Ireland, this has not stopped bathers from ditching their clothes previous to this. In fact, right back in 2010, Ireland joined the ranks of the world’s top nudist beach destinations, despite the fact that it was technically still illegal in the country.

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This month sees the official opening of Ireland’s first ever nudist beach in Dalkey, Co Dublin.

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— Ryanair (@Ryanair) April 19, 2018

The southwest of the country has been particularly popular with nude sunbathers who enjoy the benign climate courtesy of the Gulf Stream. While nude swimming or sunbathing on a public Irish beach is still illegal (apart from the newest), the group Irish Naturist believe there are places where it is tolerated as long as you are discreet and heed any warnings. You can find the top beaches in Ireland, according to nude beach lovers, here.

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