The New York City Department of Health has released the list of the most popular names of 2014 and surprisingly the Irish name Liam tops the list in the Latino community.

Not a name you would associate with the Latino community, Liam, has roots in both Ireland and France with the Irish version meaning "harmony in opinion or feeling.” Other Irish names that make the list are Michael, popular with caucasians, and Ryan and Aiden, popular with the Asian and Pacific islanders. Irish girls' names don’t seem to get a look-in in New York with the only Irish name to make the list being Claire, again popular with the Asian and Pacific islander community.

Here’s the tables of the top popular names:

In Ireland, the Irish Times released their list of the most popular baby names according to their birth announcement column during 2015.

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Their top results were:


1. Andrew, Jack

2. Daniel, Hugo

3. Cian, Sebastian, Charlie


1. Chloe

2. Lauren, Lucy

3. Isabelle

The Times also reported some of the more unusual names including Baily Cloud Isaac Blue, Portia Gabriel, Francesca India Siobhán, Lola Skye, Odile Delme Rose, Silas Finbar, and Tarka Valentine Mary. They also observed that a shift to more unusual names has seen no Marys, Margarets or Johns in 2015, but there was a strong Irish tone in the announcements this year including Doireann, Élodie Bríd, Fiadh, Odhran, Róise, Róisín Cát Tuong, and Sósanna.