It was a strange time to be alive...The world was caught up in "Twilight" fever in 2013 and a Kristen Stewart lookalike put together a satirical historical guide to St. Patrick’s Day. But of course she did!

“It’s like Christmas for the Irish,” the actress states.

Dressed in a green with shamrock embroidered gloves, the ‘Twilight’ star’s doppelganger explains St. Patrick’s contribution to the Irish. The viral video claims the Irish don't get on with the English because St. Patrick banished their snakes there.

The impersonator Laura McDonald tells us that St. Patrick was a pretty nice guy for driving the snakes out of Ireland — after all, “he didn’t have to give them a ride!”

“Legends states that he got all the snakes drunk and drove them to another bar.”

“But it was actually a ferry and when the snakes woke up they were in England and really pissed.”

She explains “That’s why English and Ireland don’t get along.”

The online video website Barely Political produced the gag guide, which gives viewers a three-minute run down of the history of St. Patrick in Ireland. The three-minute clip makes some absurd, borderline offensive claims about Ireland's patron Saint. Among his credits include his invention of Riverdance, the Shamrock Shake and public urination.

“Everyone gets drunk on St. Patrick’s Day,” McDonald says.

“Irish Americans get extra drunk and they celebrate all week.”

“Irish people say ‘Kiss me I’m Irish that is why all those Irish people have such huge families.”

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* Originally published in 2013.