From the greeting “Top of the Afternoon” the KFC’s new advert is so bad it’s good. In fact, the first time we watched it we were a little annoyed but by the second viewing it felt more little a public service announcement.

What do you think? Should Irish Americans be annoyed by the advert?

The Colonel certainly knows the score and their new advert, “An open apology from KFC to Ireland,” brings up so many stereotypes that do really annoy some Irish people, but as KFC says their #sorrynotsorry.

The new advert’s blurb reads:

“A brand new advert that issues an apology to Ireland on behalf of the 35 million Americans claiming to be Irish. From mispronounced names and turning things unnecessarily green, to leprechaun jokes, the new KFC advert explores a host of Irish put-downs.

“The biggest apology of them all, however, goes to the launch of the latest Irish-ish Burger. What craic!”

Whether it is on purpose or not – “What craic”!? No Irish person ever has said this phrase.

However, the advert does bring up many topics that IrishCentral has had to discuss over the years.

Here’s just a few points they touch on:

- Mispronouncing Irish names

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- Irish American’s asking if we know their great-great-grandfather

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- Again, being asked where we hid our pot of gold

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- For calling it Patty’s Day instead of Paddy’s Day

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- Turning food green to make it Irish

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- Misusing Irish words. Slainte does not mean sorry!

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But “gosh darn it” he does make a good point at the end, that the sandwich isn’t really “Irish…so what!?”

The O’Saunders sandwich is question is a “combination of original recipe chicken, Irish Pride bun, onion rings, Cork cheddar and a barbeque glaze, Irish or not, it certainly is delicious, or should we say class.”

David Moran, Marketing Manager from KFC ROI said, “We have put a lot of time into understanding the Irish palate and have launched our Irish- inspired O’Sanders burger with a tongue in cheek video that’s a lighthearted take on how brands try- and usually fail- to capture the Irish charm.

“The irony is not lost on us!”