Derry native Aileen Faller had Irish television host Graham Norton “in stitches” with laughter while she recounted her tale of a mistaken car on the late night talk show.

As a segment on the show, Norton has audience members sit in a red chair and tell some sort of an amusing anecdote. Should the anecdote not be humorous or entertaining to Norton and his audience, Norton pulls a lever which flips the chair over.

Well, Faller and her thick Derry accent - which had the likes of Kenneth Branagh, American actor Zach Braff and English popstar Taio Cruz both confused and laughing - kept the audience well entertained and saved her from a flip.
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The video of Faller telling her story is now on YouTube and has racked up in excess of an impressive 35,000 views. Whether or not all those viewers can understand her thick Northern accent is another matter.

While Faller couldn’t see Graham and his guests while she was telling her story, she could hear the reaction from the audience.

“It was like Ireland had won the World Cup,” she said of hearing the fits of laughter. “The place was just going mad.”

“I’m just really, really pleased that people enjoyed it,” said Faller in the wake of her newly found online fame.

Below, catch Faller’s appearance on the Graham Norton show. Can you understand what she’s saying?: