Des and Mona Manahan, an Irish couple in their 80s, could bring a tear to the eye of even the least romantic among us with their beautiful story. 

Married for 56 years, Des Manahan, 83,  still thinks his wife Mona, 82, is as perfect as ever but when her failing eyesight meant that she couldn't enjoy one of her simple daily pleasures - doing her own make-up - he was eager that his life partner would not lose out on anything. 

Heading to a party, Mona decided that shd's like to get her makeup done for the occasion but when the couple met with make-up artist Rosie O'Donnell at their local cosmetics counter, Des decided that he could show her a thing or two. Since discovering that he's a natural with a make-up brush in his hand, Des has taken several lessons to ensure that he can keep his wife looking as glamorous as ever, even if she can't do it herself. 

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What one husband did to support his wife, who's losing her sight.

Losing your eyesight brings with it a range of challenges. For Mona Manahan it meant the simple pleasure of putting on her makeup became near impossible - so her lovely husband Des stepped in to help. And ladies... a pearl of wisdom from Des... "Less is more"

Posted by BBC Breakfast on Dé Sathairn, 2 Meitheamh 2018

“It’s absolutely beautiful to look at them," the makeup artist said.

"They do love each other, they love each other deeply and dearly."

So heartwarming is their tale, that the couple even grabbed the attention Kim Kardashian's make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic. "Makeup by Mario" is a name that resounds with beauty fans all over the world - not least his 4 million makeup followers.

"A few months ago I heard the story of Des & Mona, a couple from Ireland," he wrote to his Instagram fans. 

"Mona began losing her eyesight and her husband Des began taking makeup lessons at Benefit Ireland with Rosie O'Driscoll so he could learn to apply her makeup for her."

The world-renowned artist was so touched by the poignant story that he invited the couple and makeup artist Rosie to his recent masterclass workshop in London.

"My heart felt so full seeing them there in front of me," he wrote. 

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So there’s a man who comes to benefit for makeup lessons with his wife so he can learn to do her makeup because she’s going blind 😍

— Hollie O'Loughlin (@hollieol_) October 23, 2017

The couple also recently appeared on The Late Late Show where their story melted the hearts of viewers. 

You can watch their tear-jerking story below - and hear about how they got re-married in Vegas to mark their 50th anniversary!

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Des and Mona Manahan, 56 years married, with a bit of help from Nat King Cole :) Because Mona is losing her sight, Des is learning how to apply her make-up. True love! #latelate

Posted by The Late Late Show on Friday, October 27, 2017

Des and Mona themselves are a little bemused by all the attention; never previously having thought of the Kardashians, never mind considered that they could be the subject of articles all over the world that would link them to the famous family. 

“We’re not trying to look like 30-year-olds or 40-year-olds or 50-year-olds,” Des said.

“We both love each other as we are at 83 and 82, which I think is enough.”

* Originally published in April 2018.