Unfortunately, we can’t offer chocolate or ornaments but we have some very special treats in our IrishCentral Christmas Advent Calendar.

Welcome behind the door of day 5 of IrishCentral’s Christmas advent calendar 2019! We’ve already enjoyed a stunning Celtic version of “O Holy Night” from Affinití and a collection of carols from an Irish school in the first few days of December and so today’s special treat is a throwback to a heart-warming moment that showed the joy of driving (or flying) home for Christmas.

We know that Irish Mammies and their sons have a very special bond and so when Co. Down man John McAleenan surprised his Mam with a visit home for Christmas after spending the last three years in New York, it was really enough to bring tears to our eyes.

Walking into her living room in her dressing robe, McAlennan’s poor Mam is immediately overwhelmed to see her son sitting there casual as anything and bursts into laughter mixed with tears while also admonishing him for giving her such a shock, as an Irish Mammy does.

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“Probably one of the best things I've ever done, so glad to be home after a year x #christmassurprise,” he wrote in his post.

The video racked up an impressive 72,000 views on Facebook and is still one of our favorite things to look at around this time of year.

Just the sight of it is already making us excited to travel back to Ireland for Christmas!

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Have you ever been away from home for Christmas? Was it hard or did it make it more special on your return? Let us know your story in the comments section, below.

*Originally published in 2017.