Christmas season is upon us! And we all know that the best part of the lead-up to Christmas is an advent calendar.

Whether you haven't had the joy of opening one since you were a child or your mam still send you one and you opened it just this morning, nothing feels quite so magical and nostalgic as an advent calendar. 

While we can't give you a chocolate or a tiny ornament every day between now and Christmas, we CAN still make each day a bit more exciting by sharing our favorite Christmas videos. From touching reunions, to Irish Christmas carols that make your heart soar, to hilarious Christmas pranks starring Irish mammies, we'll bring a little joy to your day. 

And now, here's Day 1: 

Young students from Coláiste Rath Tó and Scoil Neasáin take over a local shopping center to sing all your favorite Christmas tunes in Irish - much to everyone's delight!