Irish slang words, terms, and phrases are always sure to confuse unsuspecting Americans. So one Irish bride decided to have a bit of craic with it.

When Irish and Americans come together expecting to be able to completely understand each other when speaking English, it quickly becomes apparent that the two sides of the Atlantic are not on the same page at all. One Irish bride, from Co Tipperary, recently decided to have a bit of craic with this phenomenon by producing an Irish slang translator for her big day.

Irish slang, words, and phrases could make up their own special dictionary and so to welcome her American guests and ensure there were no mix-ups with translations on her wedding day, Patricia, the bride, and Kyle, her NY groom, created this fool-proof guide to helping their guests understand each other. 

What to expect with regards to how praise for the speeches is expressed to the what teams to support is covered to perfection. Some of the Irish slang and New York slang here may be slightly over the top, we can’t think of a better way to draw a few laughs at the dinner table.

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Have a look at the Irish to New York translations below and let us know what you think!

Image: Reddit.

Image: Reddit.

Have you ever been utterly perplexed by a piece of Irish slang? Let us know what it was and what you thought it meant in the comments section, below.

H/T: Reddit