You may not be able to spend St. Patrick's Day in a packed Irish pub but an Irish company based out of San Francisco has come up with an innovative way of replicating the sounds of your perfect Irish bar.

Irish-founded and Irish-owned Cogs & Marvel, a live and digital brand experience agency, launched “Sounds of the Pub” a soundboard that recreates the familiar atmosphere of your favorite watering hole, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Create your own perfect Irish pub here

The website features seven distinct sliders, from the reassuring sounds of a warm fireplace, pub chatter, and a Trad session, to the familiar tones of clinking glassware and rain on the windows. With a second St Patrick’s Day to be celebrated in a non-traditional, less connected way during the pandemic, users can create their own bespoke auditory eco-system and bring the sounds of their local pub back to life.

The geniuses behind this Sound of the Pub site is the creative agency Cogs & Marvel an Irish-founded and Irish-owned company based in San Francisco. The website is the result of a collaboration between Cogs & Marvel and Collective Films.

Founder and CEO of Cogs & Marvel, Roisin Callaghan, commented, “We all miss being together at the pub -- the clink of glasses raised, the boisterous laughter, the craic agus ceol.

"Our culture is based on connection, and the ritual of the pub has long been central to keeping those connections alive. Since we’re currently all isolated in one way or another, we partnered with our friends at Collective to bring that sense of connection to whoever might need it, especially around St. Patrick’s Day.”

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