The audio of a tense exchange between and air traffic controller in Dublin Airport and a British Airways pilot has gone viral.

After a heated, and barbed discussion between the two what’s hilarious is the other pilot’s response to the traffic controller working under stressful conditions. Listen through to the end, it’s worth it.

On Sunday afternoon, at Dublin Airport, there were delays due to a transatlantic jet making an emergency landing. Several flights to and from the airport were affected and the air traffic controllers had their hands full.

The pilot of the British Airways flight, BAW-837, flying from Dublin to London Heathrow, did not take too kindly to the delays. However, despite his protests the air traffic controller kept her cool and dealt with the situation.

Having sent the BA flight on its way the air traffic controller received a deluge of comments and support from other pilots listening in on the radio. They included some words too rude to print and “You’re doing a great job, thanks very much.”

As the BA pilot reports that he will be “filling a safety report” other pilots can be hear saying “Oh my God!”

While it’s a pretty comical response from the air traffic controller’s pilot colleagues it’s not the first time a conversation like this has gone viral. Back in Christmas 2014 emotions were flared once more between a BA pilot and Dublin ground staff.

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Listen in below.