An Irish woman revealed how she gave birth in the back of a taxi in the Spanish resort of Lanzarote during a hilarious interview on national radio. 

New mother Susan Quigley told RTÉ2FM's Jennifer Zamparelli that she was out for dinner with family on what was supposed to be the last night of her holiday when she started to feel funny. 

Her waters subsequently broke while she was waiting for her partner Brian outside a shop, prompting a rush to get to the hospital. 

She said that the couple took a taxi back to the hotel to collect her belongings and asked the hotel's reception to call an ambulance. 

However, the hotel's receptionist told them that it would take at least an hour for an ambulance to reach the hotel, so their taxi driver offered to take them to the hospital. 

Susan told Zamparelli how she began to experience cramps in the car and said that she was desperately trying not to give birth before reaching the hospital. 

"I was trying to keep him in, I was going 'I can’t have a baby in a taxi' and then he just came out," she told Zamparelli. 

"His dad caught him." 

Her baby Dáire was just 3lbs 5oz when he was born, while Susan had been just 28 weeks pregnant when she unexpectantly went into labor. 

"You do what any other mammy would do, you just grab him and he was breathing and that was all we really cared about. We had a little cry. What else do you do?

"The driver, Miguel, stopped the meter when the baby was born."

The family eventually arrived at the hospital, but it wouldn't take them, forcing them to travel to another hospital near the airport. 

Dáire was subsequently airlifted to Gran Canaria as there are no ICU facilities on the island of Lanzarote. 

He was subsequently transported to the Coombe in Dublin via Air Ambulance and remains there today. 

Susan said that he will remain in the Coombe for "another while" but added that he is doing well. 

"I’d love to say he'll be home by Christmas but if he’s not home by Christmas that’s OK too, there’s nothing as bad as him being in Gran Canaria."