The weather hasn’t been exactly gorgeous this summer in Ireland. After a warm spell at the beginning, there’s been rain, rain and more rain, or at least that’s what it’s felt like.

So what do you do when you want to have some summer fun but the weather is just not cooperating?

You say feck it and do summery things anyway!

Michael and John Boyle, brothers and filmmakers from Galway, have just released a short video called “Summer in Ireland.”

Michael told IrishCentral it was the most spur-of-the-moment project they’ve done to-date.

“The weather that day was terrible for July so we decided to make a funny video that we think Irish people could relate to. Thing about Irish weather is it’s so unpredictable. So one minute it'd be pouring rain, the next the sun would be out, and before you know it it'd be raining again.”

For the rare moments when the rain stopped, they relied on a garden hose to replicate the deluge.

Watch as Michael and John sport sunglasses, enjoy cool beverages, spray on the sunscreen and frolic in a sprinkler – all the while looking completely nonplussed by the pouring rain.

“We got completely soaked, but I think it was worth it!” said Michael.