Sale of wedding dress to fund epic bender for the jilted groom

An Irishman is selling his fiancee’s wedding dress online after discovering that she had been cheating on him.

In an advertisement on Irish site DoneDeal, the unidentified Irishman described the wedding dress as “Elegant…super luxurious heavyweight dress, flowing to full floor length. Detailed with lace and classic ivory, ideal for your dream day."

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However, he continued into an epic rant writing, “This dress should have been my compulsive Lying, deceiptful (sic), thieving, unfaithful, stunningly beautiful fiance’s, but the grass was greener in London.”

Not letting heartbreak get the best of him, the Irishman said he was looking for a “quick sale in order to fund a bender." He explained, “the proceeds shall be spent as follows:- 20% Beer, 20% Hookers, 20% Gambling (Galway Races) ... 

“… 5% more on beer and … to hell with it 35% more on Hookers.”

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Perhaps adding insult to injury for the cheating bride, the jilted groom is selling the wedding dress at a deep discount: €750 ($869) when the dress originally cost some €3,000 ($3,476)!

The advert doesn’t appear to be listed anymore on DoneDeal, indicating that the scorned groom hopefully found a buyer!

What would you do if you caught your fiance cheating before your wedding? Sound off in the comments!