“I just realized at the last minute that it wasn’t for me”

You’ve heard of runaway bride, but how about runaway groom?

Back in 2014, an Irish man named Mark called into Niall Boylan on Classic Hits FM in Ireland to share his story about backing out of his wedding at the last moment.

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And “last moment” is no exaggeration: Mark was in the car on the way to his wedding when he decided to tell his chauffeur to not stop at the church and just keep going.

Mark called into the Irish radio station in the wake of the news that Irish golfer Rory McIlroy had called off his wedding to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki after the invites had already gone out.

Mark wanted to point out that there’s never a good time to call off a wedding, and that in the end, it’s best not to go through with it if you feel like it’s not the right decision.

He added how he was ambivalent about marriage for a long time up until the wedding, but he just couldn’t make his decision until the day of the nuptials.

Host Boylan said Mark should have called off the wedding sooner to save the bride the embarrassment, never mind save the money the bride’s father’s spent on the wedding.

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“No point in doing something that you’ll live to regret,” Mark said.

“You can’t punish me for changing my mind.”

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