St. Patrick's Day is undoubtedly the one day in the calendar year that brings all aspects of Irishness out to celebrate on March 17th.

Just like so many of my friends in Ireland, I will be spending my first St Patrick’s Day abroad this year. Many of my friends will spend their day of celebrating their Irish heritage in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and China to name but a few.

As emigration from Ireland continues for many people and especially young graduates who struggle to find employment, they will be spending their first St Patrick’s Day in new adopted home countries.

Knowing that I wouldn’t get to see some of my best friends and family this year, I decided to ask people to record their St Patrick’s messages from their adopted homes.

This video features some of the many young Irish people who have gone in search of work and adventure in their early twenties.

We here at IrishCentral want to wish all our readers a happy, safe of most of all Irish St Patrick’s weekend.

Check out the video messages compiled by IrishCentral reporter Sean Dunne and some of his many friends who are dispersed across the globe this St Patrick’s Day.