The Irish accent has been crowned the "flirtiest" accent across the UK and Ireland, according to a new survey.

More than 2000 adults were polled in the survey commissioned by Betfair Casino. The study's participants were asked which accent "leaves them feeling a little hot under the collar" and Irish came out on top. 

Irish won 16 percent of the vote, beating both the Geordie  (15 percent) and Essex (13 percent) accents which closely followed in second and third place respectively. 

Survey participants were also asked to vote for the friendliest accent, with Irish landing in the top five, alongside Yorkshire (number one with 23 percent of the vote), Geordie, Scottish and Welsh. 

Scottish topped the vote for the public's overall favorite accent, but it was also the number one accent adults said they find the most difficult to understand. Irish landed at number 6 on the overall favorite accent list.

You can find all top 10 lists from the survey listed below.

Flirtiest accent: Top 10 

1.     Irish

2.     Geordie

3.     Essex

4.     Scottish 

5.     Northern Irish 

6.     Scouse

7.     Welsh

8.     Cockney

9.     Queen’s English

10.  Yorkshire

Friendliest accent: Top 10 

1.     Yorkshire

2.     Geordie

3.     Scottish 

4.     Welsh

5.     Irish

6.     West Country 

7.     Scouse

8.     Queen’s English

9.     Lancashire

10.  Northern Irish 

Accent most difficult to understand: Top 10

1.     Scottish 

2.     Scouse

3.     Geordie

4.     Northern Irish 

5.     Brummie

6.     Welsh

7.     Irish 

8.     Cockney

9.     Mancunian

10.  West Country 

Favorite accent: Top 10

1.     Scottish 

2.     Queen’s English 

3.     Geordie

4.     Yorkshire 

5.     Welsh

6.     Irish 

7.     Scouse

8.     Northern Irish 

9.     Cockney 

10.  West Country