Irish dolphin Fungie, first spotted in Dingle harbor in 1983, has lived in Ireland long enough to know that once you see the sun come out, you need to make the most of what is surely to be a brief period of good weather before the rain returns.

Entertaining his fans in County Kerry for over three decades, the 660lb (300 kg) dolphin once again put on a great show of acrobatics this week as temperatures soared and the sun blazed down on the Irish coast.

In a Twitter post by Sláine Ní Chathalláin, the solitary male bottlenose dolphin is seen bursting up above the water and he certainly seems in fine form.

First spotted in the Dingle harbor by late lighthouse keeper Paddy Ferriter, Fungie has astounded experts by staying in the Kerry area for the past 33 years and by the looks of things, he’s not in a rush to leave the beautiful area any time soon.

Completely inconsistent with normal dolphin behaviour as it may be, we’re very happy that Fungie decided to stay.

"Dolphins are complex creatures and we're learning about them the whole time, but we know they are highly mobile and do tend to move around a lot,” Padraig Whooley, spokesman for the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, told the Irish Independent.

“Fungie's different to most in that he is sociable and seems to like the attention he gets. It's highly unusual for a bottlenose dolphin to have remained in the same area for so long. He's a freak in many ways."

Also known as the Dingle Dolphin, Fungie was the first recorded case of a dolphin seeking out human contact in Ireland although dolphin sightings are now not uncommon in the waters along the Irish west coast.

None have been taken into the heart of the community as much as the Dingle Dolphin, however, and boat tours leave Dingle daily to observe him in natural habitat and hopefully see a few tricks as well.

A playful but mischievous companion to boats traveling in and out of the harbour, he was named even a “permanent” resident by then Ministry of Marine manager Kevin Flannery in August 1984.

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H/T: Irish Independent