An Irish couple decided to announce the newest addition to their family — a Groodle puppy named Humphrey - with a baby-style photo shoot.

The couple’s creative photo shoot posing their puppy as a newborn baby has drawn many compliments from Facebook users across the globe.

Abby & Matt would like to introduce their little baby Humphry.Aren't they a gorgeous little family??!! hehe

Posted by Elisha Minnette Photography on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The couple, Matt Kay and Abby Lee, asked their friend Elisha Minnette, who runs a photo studio in Australia, to take the photos.

"Abby and I both work in the creative industry and have the craziest sense of humor always coming up with funny and random ideas to have a laugh," Minnette wrote on a blog post on her website. "We didn't plan anything for the shoot. The three of us were just bouncing around different ideas on the spot."

In the photos, Humphrey is posed in a stroller, wrapped in a blanket, and being cradled by Lee as if she were burping the puppy.

"Humphrey was a delight to shoot, he loved all the attention and the treats of course!" Minnette wrote.

The photographer posted the photos on her page to give people a “giggle” but was surprised when the album reached nearly 12,000 shares last Wednesday afternoon.

"I photograph all different types of shoots including newborns, so I knew what the normal baby shoots look like," she wrote. "We didn't ever intend to make fun of new parents sharing photos of their newborns, we just wanted to show a different kind of newborn."

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