This bride is, as they say, "some woman for one woman".

Nicola Kelly was originally supposed to rock up to her wedding in a vintage white Rolls Royce. However, a last minute change of plan guaranteed a much more memorable big day.

The Galway bride credits her father for the suggestion to forgo the fancy transportation and opt instead for him to drive her to the church in their tractor.

The Kilkerrin-based family are from a farming background, and her proud dad was only delighted to chauffeur his daughter in their Massey Ferguson 7620.

In the lead up to her big day, Kelly revealed there was yet another another change of plan.

"He just turned around at the last minute and said to me 'I'm not going to drive it, you'll drive it'," she told "I said 'I won't' then he said 'Ah you will', and I just thought; for him, I'll do it".

Kelly told the wedding website that she is well used to taking the tractor out for a spin on the family farm - but not so much around town. 

"It's very common in the Galway area where you'd see fires along the way to send the bride off," Nicola explained to the outlet, "because she more than likely is leaving her own village to go and live with her new husband." 

As she will be leaving home to move to Headfort with her new husband Aidan Lee, she described the tractor ride with her father as "a bit emotional".

"I wasn't expecting to see as many people out and when I got to Kilkerrin Village there were so many people standing outside the pub waiting."

"Looking back, even on the situation with the tractor I was saying 'no I'm not going to drive it, I'm not going to, I don't want to I'm pure nervous'... But now, looking back, I'm so delighted I did," she said.

When getting married, it's age-old tradition to carry something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Any guesses what Kelly's something old was? Her pink wellies she wore to drive the tractor - which she swapped out for white heels in time to say 'I do'.

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