Because life can get confusing sometimes, local Irish councils (governments) are here to help you through it. Here are some funny and strange road signs found all over the country. Some sort of make sense. Some? Not so much.

1. Can anyone guess the point (no pun intended) of this sign's existence? There's 'the nanny state' and then there's just pushing it!

2. This fine establishment on Nassau Street in Dublin sells door knobs and knockers, why? What did you think!

 3. So you can either go hill-walking along the Beara Way in Kerry, or...

4. When things really get you down, you know you can rely on your local cafe to cheer you up!

5. What should we get for dinner? Chinese take away? What's the worst that can happen?...I don't think so.

6. "No honestly officer, I only had the one drink! Where?!! Oh, well..."

7. Driving head first off this cliff is a possibility then? Fair warning, I guess.

8. This signs means children and parents crossing....yes the ones that live in this hedge.

9. Behold the Irish Catholic questions.

10. You'll be lucky to make it out of this field alive.

11. No impersonating Jesus.

12. Worthy of that Paddy Irishman who walked into a bar, this one!

13. Because life can get confusing, Dublin City Council is here to help you through the smallest diversions.

* Originally published in 2013.