Sometimes your favorite tune comes on and you just can’t help having your own private dance party.

If anyone understands this it’s Minnie, a two-year-old Frenchie bulldog in Dublin.

A video of Minnie getting down with her bad self as the Wham! song Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go plays on the TV has gone viral, racking up a few million views in under one week.

Grooving to the kickin’ tunes of George Michael, she manages to spin herself around in a full circle. She pauses when her dog sister Mollie walks over to see what’s going on (nobody likes to be interrupted while dancing) but then starts right back up again once Mollie leaves.

Owner Jeff Wynne, 43, who works in sales in Dublin, told MercuryNews that he first noticed Minnie’s penchant for dancing when his wife was in Paris. Worried, he took a video and sent it to her, and they took Minnie to the vet when she returned.

“The vets have checked her and say she is happy and healthy,” Jeff said.

“They think it could be a form of tic in her head as sometimes she really zones out and you can't interrupt her while she's doing it. Other times though you speak to her and she will stop.

"But she is really happy doing it so we just leave her to it.

"Often music will set her off doing this.. Something will come on the TV or the radio and she will just start going, sometimes for 10 or 15 minutes."

They even captured her again, swaying to the Barry Manilow hit Copacabana, and of course now it only makes sense that Minnie should have her own rendition of the song that goes “Her name was Minnie, she was a Frenchie.”

You can keep up with Minnie’s adorable antics on her Facebook page.

H/T The Daily Mail