It's a far cry from the original Irish Halloween lantern... a carved turnip! Some jaw-dropping professionally sculpted pumpkins for Samhain.

You thought your pumpkin carving skills this Halloween were good? Forget it. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Rise of the Jack-o’-Lanterns pumpkins is more akin to sculpture than pumpkin carving.

Inspired by the popularity of our piece “Original Irish Jack-o-Lanterns were truly terrifying and made of turnips” we took a look around the internet to see what other Jack-o’-Lantern related treats we might find.

And what a treat we found! 

The Rise of the Jack-o’-Lanterns, in Westbury, NY puts on a display of about 5,000 professionally carved pumpkins every year (not including the replacements that have to be carved every week).

Last year's show included everything from dinosaurs to mythological beasts, to portraits of departed celebrities, spread out over a quarter mile scenic trail that, not surprisingly, leaves adults as speechless as children.

Keep in mind that each of these masterpieces takes about 20 hours to create.

Check out their site for more info and for answers to questions like:

Is the Rise scary?


“The RISE is more of an art show. It's not like a haunted house where scary things jump out at you or there may be graphic elements which are not suitable for young children. The RISE is a bunch of really cool hand-carved Jack-o'-Lanterns lit up with some really great music behind them! We do have some music that we consider "eerie" but not "scary". It is Halloween you know! We think it's appropriate for children of all ages but only you can know if it's suitable for your child.”

* Originally published in 2014.