An Irish lad has gone viral after he accidentally slept in a restaurant in Albufeira, Portugal after a night out on the town.

“Glen from Cavan fell asleep on the toilet in a restaurant in Albufeira and found himself stranded,” Oisin Browne wrote on his now-viral TikTok on July 7.

The hilarious clip shows poor Glen - whose cheeky smile at least proves he has a great sense of humor - from inside the restaurant shaking his head.

“The restaurant closed at like 10 o’clock,” one of the other lads says in the video amidst laughter, “it’s 7 in the morning!”

While some people may have rushed to action to rescue Glen from Cavan, these fun-loving lads instead posed for pictures.

In fairness, though, they also scooped him a few forkfuls of food through a small opening in the window!

So far, Browne's TikTok has been viewed more than 212k times.

@_oisin2607_ Glen is lucky to be alive 😂#albufeira🇵🇹 #ireland #fyp #drinkin ♬ original sound - Oisin Browne

Not surprisingly, some Cavan jokes popped up in the comment section of Browne's TikTok, but good ol' Glen took it all in stride.

"Jesus I knew cavan lads were tight on the pocket but I thought they'd at least pay for a hotel," one person jokingly wrote.

Glen replied: "The tea bags were well dried out by the time I got out."

After his video went viral, Browne told the Irish Mirror that he and his pals didn't actually know Glen from Cavan before traveling to Albufeira and had only met him while out and about on the town.

Browne said that the night before, he and his pals were having a few drinks on the beach late at night and began to head back when it started to get bright.

“We met two lads from Louth on the way back, they were eating kebabs so we asked them where they got them from.

"We were walking up to the kebab shop with them and here didn’t we see this man stuck in this pizza restaurant.”

Browne and his group quickly recognized the stranded fella as Glen from Cavan.

Browne explained: “He was kind of just out with the lads or whatever and they were going heading down to the nightclub and he needed to use the toilet, so he went to this restaurant and they let him use the jacks, and sure he went in and conked out on the toilet.”

Browne said after the hysterics, they were able to rescue Glen from Cavan: “There were old French doors with hitches at the top and at the bottom. There was one of them at the end so we opened them and got him out.”

When asked if they told the restaurant about this, he said: “He actually went off to the restaurant the day after and told the man that there was someone stuck or whatever. He was certainly shooked when he realized.”

Browne and Glen from Cavan might not have known each other before Albufeira, but we think it's safe to say a beautiful friendship has been born.