An Irish storyteller and musician was scolded by a young audience member for cursing during a performance in this hilarious video.

Aindrias de Staic, a member of the gyp-hop (Gaelic gypsy hip-hop) band The Latchikos, was performing at the Pure Magic Wind Surf festival on Achill Island in Co Mayo, Ireland when he got an unexpected telling off by a little girl.

The violinist was impersonating a crass barman and using profanity while relating his tale to the crowd, when the nine-year-old lass shouted, “Watch your language!” — much to the delight of the audience, who laughed and applauded.

The properly chastened de Staic, who had burst into laughing at the interruption, said, “Okay I’ll do it again.”

He gave the girl a high-five and proceeded to tell a much cleaner version of his story, sparking even more laughter from the crowd.