The Shamrock is NOT the national symbol of Ireland.

That’s the harp. The shamrock was used by St. Patrick to teach the trinity to Ireland.

St. Patrick was NOT born in Ireland.

He was actually born in Wales. He was taken as a slave to Ireland and returned there to spread Christianity.

The color of St. Patrick is NOT green.

The color of St. Patrick is actually a shade of blue. It’s HEX code is #23297A.

March 17th was NOT St. Patrick’s birthday.

It was the day he died. Saying happy birthday St. Patrick is weird and creepy. Stop it.

St. Patrick brought 39 people back from the dead.

This is NOT a joke. You can find the account of this in the book The Life and Acts of Saint Patrick

St. Patrick did NOT remove the snakes from Ireland: billions of years of literal climate change in a physical sense did.