The fire brigade in Limerick City saved a puppy that had been caught in a local house fire by giving him CPR and making a special oxygen mask for him.

On November 30 Limerick City Fire and Rescue responded to a house fire alarm. Smoke was billowing out of the open windows of the house when they arrived at the scene, the Irish Independent reports.

"We sent four men in with breathing apparatus to search the house," said Paul Greensmith, speaking to Anton Savage on TodayFM.

"There wasn't anybody in the house, thank God, but the owner arrived to tell us there was a little puppy trapped inside."

After searching the house, the fire fighters found the puppy under a cupboard.

"It was a miracle he survived," said Paul.

"If he was there any longer he would have been gone. He was a timid little guy and he didn't put up a struggle."

The puppy survived due to the quick-thinking actions of two members of the fire crew.

‘Little fighter’ puppy saved from burning #Limerick house by firefighters

— Irish Examiner (@irishexaminer) December 3, 2015

"We have two Steves: Steve from Cork and Steve from Clare and they carried out a resuscitation on the puppy," explained Paul.

"One of them had the bright idea of getting an infant mask and holding it to [the puppy's] face. You could see his ears perk up and we knew he was okay.

"We turned on the oxygen and he lapped it up."

The puppy was handed over to his owner who then took him to the vet.