Former Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams poked fun at RTÉ's World Cup fixture list after it unfortunately suggested that England were taking on the IRA in their opening game of the tournament on Monday. 

England take on Iran at the Khalifa International Stadium at 1 p.m. GMT on Monday as they get their World Cup campaign underway in Qatar. 

However, RTÉ's decision to use three-letter abbreviations for each team competing at the tournament has led to an unfortunate pairing of England and the IRA, which Adams was quick to notice. 

The former Sinn Féin President posted an image of RTÉ's fixture list on Twitter, including the upcoming game between England and Iran, without any comment. 

The game has subsequently been abbreviated to "Eng v IRA".

— Gerry Adams (@GerryAdamsSF) November 18, 2022

Meanwhile, the FIFA 23 video game has also made a similar blunder with Iran's name. 

The video game franchise released a free FIFA World Cup update, with players able to play with all teams competing at the competition in addition to a limited number of nations who failed to qualify. 

Each nation has been given a special crest, simply featuring the first three letters of their names in an eye-catching font. 

However, the design for Iran's crest has once again shortened Iran's name to IRA, leaving Irish FIFA players amused. 

"How did no one clock onto that?" One FIFA player wrote on Twitter. 

FIFA’s Iran badge 😭how did no one clock on to that

— Elliot 🦑 (@ElliotB1878) November 11, 2022

England take on Iran on Monday in the first of three group games at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The English will take on the USA on Friday night before finishing their group campaign against Wales on November 29.