Jesse Jane McParland, who goes by JJ Golden Dragon, is a competitive martial arts practitioner from Co. Armagh. She is 11 years old and she is absolutely amazing.

With more than 172 titles to her name, JJ became famous beyond the world of martial arts when she made it to the final round of Britain’s Got Talent back in 2015.

The following video of JJ, then 7 years old, wielding a samurai sword in a competition went viral:

If you want to learn more about JJ, check out this incredibly charming interview, filmed when she was on Britain’s Got Talent. JJ shares all her favorite things about martial arts, and talks about how she began training when she was three years old (she just didn’t like the other sports her parents let her try out).

Since then, JJ has been cast in several movies and TV series and has appeared on Ellen. Here's a more recent video of JJ performing at the Irish Open in 2017: 

*Originally published in November 2015 and updated to reflect changes in 2017.