The online beauty community are getting teary eyed today over the story of this elderly Irish couple, who have struck up an unlikely friendship with makeup guru Mario Dedivanovic.

"Makeup by Mario" is a name that resounds with beauty fans all over the world - not least his 4 million makeup followers.

The makeup maestro, who regularly paints the faces of Kim Kardashian et al, heard the story of a Waterford couple married for 56 years that captured his attention.

"A few months ago I heard the story of Des & Mona, a couple from Ireland," he wrote to his Instagram fans. 

"Mona began losing her eyesight and her husband Des began taking makeup lessons at Benefit Ireland with Rosie O'Driscoll so he could learn to apply her makeup for her."

The world-renowned artist was so touched by the poignant story that he invited the couple and makeup artist Rosie to his recent masterclass workshop in London.

"My heart felt so full seeing them there in front of me," he wrote. 

So there’s a man who comes to benefit for makeup lessons with his wife so he can learn to do her makeup because she’s going blind 😍

— Hollie O'Loughlin (@hollieol_) October 23, 2017

The couple also recently appeared on The Late Late Show where their story melted the hearts of viewers. 

You can watch their tear-jerking story below - and hear about how they got re-married in Vegas to mark their 50th anniversary!

Des and Mona Manahan, 56 years married, with a bit of help from Nat King Cole :) Because Mona is losing her sight, Des is learning how to apply her make-up. True love! #latelate

Posted by The Late Late Show on Friday, October 27, 2017