A new Irish board game provides a hilarious alcohol-fueled take on the iconic game "Dungeons and Dragons". 

"Dungeons and Naggins" is the brainchild of award-winning Irish comedian Steve Bennett, who invented the game while playing the iconic RPG (role-playing game) without knowing the rules. 

Instead of using official guides, Bennett simply made up his own rules, substituting rules with drinking challenges and ultimately inventing a fun adventure that left people wanting more. 

"Dungeons and Naggins"  has also developed into a comedy podcast and stage show, selling out the Dublin Fringe Festival in 2019 and performing before a packed crowd at Electric Picnic in 2022. Previous guests have included Irish comedians such as Justine Stafford, Kevin McGahern, Martin Angolo, and Erin McGathy.  

After years of development and testing, Bennett has transformed Dungeons and Naggins into a brand new, Irish-themed board game that can be enjoyed at home or in the pub. 

The game allows players to play as characters such as the Pintman and Muck Savage, who are tasked with defeating villains such as Cowboy Builders, Margaret Thatcher, and Oliver Cromwell (using a chicken fillet roll at times). 

Dungeons and Naggins, which is based on RPGs and video games but with simple and easy-to-follow rules, promises alcohol-fueled fun in the shape of 30-minute games, with plenty of laughs and "Irish-isms" throughout. 

"You wake up in a dungeon with a hangover and a note," Bennett said in a video promoting the game. "Now you and your drinking buddies must role high to survive encounters, battle enemies, gather loot, defeat the boss, and win. 

"'Dungeons and Naggins' is an Irish comedy, co-op board game for 2-6 players, with drinking. On your quest, you'll encounter new, beautiful, and hilarious cards each time you play." 

The game also allows for endless replayability, with a cooperative design that sees players win (or lose) together. 

"Dungeons and Naggins" launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on Oct 10th, allowing backers to get their hands on the game before anyone else.

To learn more about the new game, click here.