For schoolboy Ruairi McSorley it was a normal day heading to school until he was stopped by reporter Tom Wilkinson from UTV and asked about the weather. The young man was stopped by a reporter putting together a piece on the wintry weather conditions seen across Ireland. The reporter got more than he bargained for as Ruairi provided him with a very humorous interview. So humorous, in fact, that the video has become an instant viral hit on YouTube. Although only uploaded a few days ago Ruairi has amassed millions of views already.

The hashtag #frostbit has been trending on Twitter and a number of people have taken to Twitter to joke about ‘getting frostbit.’ Now that Ruairi has enjoyed his first taste of fame, he will be keen to stay in the spotlight. The schoolboy has a YouTube channel where he does impressions of famous Irish people both real, like Daniel O’Donnell, and imagined, like Mrs Brown. Whether the accent is real or put on, it has really struck a cord with the public. He has already taken part in a follow-up interview with Irish radio station TodayFM and a second appearance on UTV; this aspiring comedian will be hoping that his fifteen minutes of fame will last longer than the frost on the ground.

For readers who are not quite able to understand the thick Derry accent or interesting turn of phrase, we’ve called in our best interpreters to help:

Reporter: “It was a wintry walk to school in Park Village, but there are hardy breed in these parts.”

McSorley: “Well the mother said we had to go anyway, we hadn’t much a choice in the matter but sure-”

Reporter: “It’s a cold…it’s a cold journey to school this morning.”

McSorley: “Oh God you wouldn’t be long getting frostbit.”

An extended, uncut version of the interview has surfaced online and it is every bit as funny as the short version. Watch it below: