A Scottish busker on the streets of Killarney, Co. Kerry, had the crowd cackling at his take on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Sporting a blond wig looking remarkably like Mr. Trump’s own locks, Eric Gudmunsen used Paul Simon’s “The Boxer” to tell passing shoppers about the real-estate mogul’s run for the Presidency and had some harsh words for the Oval Office wannabe, who also shares Scottish roots through his mother.

Describing the billionaire as a “hookster to the core” and having a go at the “haystack on my head,” the singer reworded the iconic chorus to explain what he thinks comes out of Trump’s pouted lips: “Lie, lie, lie - lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie …”

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The Democratic side didn’t escape “Scot”-free, however, and referencing back to the fight for the candidacy between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the former Secretary of State is told “you’re fired” while the Vermont Senator is advised to retire.

“This song is supposed to be funny, not offensive, so if you are offended.....tough luck!” writes Gudmunsen, on his site selling his Trump parody.

Such is the success of the song among the Irish he sings to, the busker tells how he’s planning to build a new conservatory on his house with the money he’s making, naming it “Trump Tower” after its biggest fundraiser.

If you want to add it to your own collection you can purchase the song for yourself here.

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