We already know from the (100% real and definitely not an animated film) documentary "Happy Feet" that penguins are really talented dancers.

Irish dancers are pretty quick on their toes too, though, so what happens when two Irish dancing lads encounter, as you so often do, a pair of fleet-flippered penguins in their apartment complex hallway?

It’s a regular clash of the titans.

Lord of the Penguins

"Lord of the Penguins" By Fusion Fighters (IG: @FusionFighters Twitter: @Fusion_Fighters) Chris Naish (@Chrisnaish1) Dancer/ Director/ Video Editor Brian McGrane (@Brianmcg90) Musician/ Musical Arrangement Nicholas Yenson (@NicholasYenson) Cameraman/ Voice of Penguins

Posted by Fusion Fighters on Monday, April 13, 2015

This delightfully silly video, "Lord of the Penguins," comes from Fusion Fighters, a performance crew that fuses Irish dance with various art forms including other dance styles, music, and technology.

The group, run by former Riverdancer Chris Naish (in the video), is working to spread the passion for Irish dance, participating in a number of seriously popular flash mobs from Oxford to Sydney to Berlin, and recently bringing Irish dancing to the streets of Moscow.

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