In the lead up to Christmas, it can be difficult to step back from the jam-packed days of last-minute gifts and holiday parties and simply enjoy the season as you should.

Thankfully, Irish filmmaker Garreth Caulfield has compiled this very special video of some of the best little glimpses of Christmas joy and happiness in Dublin to remind us exactly why we’re going to all this effort: To spend some special time with family and friends at a time of year that can be magical in all its warmth when compared to the cold temperatures that normally greet us outside. 

Whether it’s laughing with friends as you stroll to the pub on Christmas Eve, enjoying an Irish coffee in the warmth while surrounded by groups of friends reuniting and family catching up, or simply admiring the Christmas lights, Dublin really is something special throughout December.

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As a Christmas present to Dublin, Caulfield and fellow filmmaker Meagan Spellman captured some lovely silent moments among all the hustle and bustle.

“It's sometimes hard to stop and take a few moments out of your busy life to take in the beauty of Dublin at Christmas time,” said Caulfield.

“We found some nuggets of festive allure throughout the city. Take some time to share with friends away for the holidays or just missing home.”

Have you ever spent Christmas in Dublin? Tell us about it in the comments section, below. 

*Originally published in December 2015.

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