Say ‘Slainte!’ with this scrumptious shake

Dairy Queen’s new Mint Shake is the perfect treat to start the official one-month countdown to St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.

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Dairy Queen says their new green-hued Mint Shake is “mint syrup blended with milk and creamy DQ vanilla soft serve into a classic DQ shake garnished with whipped topping.”

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“We hand-blend our signature soft serve until it’s velvety thick and delicious.”

“Next, we crown it with a swirl of whipped topping, of course.”

The mint shake, which was officially released by Dairy Queen right before McDonald’s announced their 2019 Shamrock Shake season had begun, has reportedly been on the DQ ‘secret menu’ for ages.

Last year, Dairy Queen launched a Mint Oreo Blizzard to rival the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. Their Mint Shake is available at participating DQ's only, but you can track down your closest location on their website.

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If you’re feeling particularly festive this season, you can give our ‘alcoholic shamrock shake recipe’ a try - watch the video below:

Spiked Shamrock Shake Recipe for St. Patrick's Day

Looking for the perfect St. Patrick's Day treat? Try this spiked version of McDonald's Shamrock Shake - equally delicious without the booze. For the full recipe, click here:

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