Forget John Lewis and other classic Christmas adverts, one Co. Offaly pub has created THE holiday ad of 2017.

Year upon year, the classic Christmas advert rivalry increases, with the whole of Ireland impatiently awaiting the release of a new John Lewis or Guinness ad. This year, however, the Best Christmas advert competition has already been lost by the big brands with a surprise contender from an Irish Midlands pub storming up the ranks bearing a pint of Guinness in its hands. Well, bearing a pint of Guinness via a drone!

JJ Gough’s Singing Pub in Banagher, Co. Offaly, is apparently known for serving up a perfect pint of Guinness but they’ve really come out of the woodwork in terms of creating a great Irish Christmas advert. Shooting part of it on location in the pub, part in the home of an elderly woman struggling to put her Christmas tree and part using some fabulous drone footage of the countryside, this sweet and hilarious advert will have you chuckling from now until December 25th.

Named "Drone Alone," they even get in a mention to a classic Christmas movie along the way.  

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Created in association with and JJ Houghs, the makers pay a special tribute to Sheila Hough, Darragh Kelly, John Hough, Martin Murphy, Margaret Murphy, Vinny Fennel, Noel Hayes Snr, Pierre Pepper Aileen Corrigan and "future film star" Blaithin Corrigan, who we can only assume is the woman after our own hearts knowing that a Guinness can save the day.

Now, we just need to figure out how we can get ourselves drones that will deliver a pint of the black stuff to our homes!

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What’s your favorite Guinness Christmas advert? Let us know about it or any other great holiday adverts in the comments section, below.


JJ Gough’s Singing Pub in Co. Offaly has already won the classic Christmas ad competition with this advert of a drone delivering a perfect pint of Guinness. JJ Houghs Singing Pub/Facebook