Ariana Grande, yarn, Dublin are not three things we thought we’d ever put together. 

American singing sensation Ariana Grande brought the house down with her string of shows in Dublin’s 3Areana last week but to let that high-ponied hair of hers down while in the Irish capital, Grande did not take the route you may expect of a young, international superstar. 

Instead of partying, Ariana Grande popped into Springwools, Ireland’s largest yarn store (wool shop, for our Irish readers) to pick herself up 400g Aran yarn from King Cole and Sirdar for knitting scarves, as well as some traditional Irish wool from Sonas.

The singer is believed to have spent almost $300 on yarn from the Dublin store and CCTV footage from her visit quickly went viral. 

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Ariana Grande visits Springwools!

Here it is, the moment Pop superstar Ariana Grande enters our humble wool shop in Walkinstown, Dublin. Ariana shopped for 15 minutes and loaded up on Aran yarns from King Cole and Sirdar along with some really lovely traditional Irish pure wool from Sonas.

Publiée par Springwools - Ireland's Largest Wool Shop sur Vendredi 27 septembre 2019

 "At 5.25 pm, a blacked-out minibus arrives and five or six people pop out including Ariana Grande,” shop owner Kevin Spring told an Irish radio station. 

"She knits, how cool is that? She walked in the door and hi-fived me and said 'hi Kevin.'

"She had obviously heard her assistant ringing me all the time.

"She went in and started picking up wool from all over the store.

"Every time I spoke to her assistant Diane, she would say 'everywhere we go people say “you've got to go to Springwools, you have to go to Springwools - best selection of yarn in the world.”'

"She spent €269, two sacks of wool. She bought a lot of wool.”

Ariana picking up some yarn in Dublin. Image: Springwools.

Ariana picking up some yarn in Dublin. Image: Springwools.

Earlier in the week, the 26-year-old singer dropped into a Dublin hardware store to pick herself up an Elvis piñata, again followed by a few members of her entourage. 

"It was very surreal," owner Alan Feighery told Lovin Dublin. 

"We were closing up shop and I was dealing with a few customers. We have a party section with balloons and things like that and I noticed a bit of a commotion.

"It turned out it was Ariana Grande. A few kids followed her in and there was a bit of excitement. She picked up an Elvis piñata from the party section and asked how much it was. I told her it was €17.99 and she misheard it as €70 so there was a bit of confusion over that.

"It was very brief but she was very polite and every one with her was very polite. She was very much in a 'no photo, no autograph' mode but there was no demanding or anything."