Irish versus American English: confusion reigns supreme. 

As you probably know, the confusion doesn’t stop at the word “craic.” This hilarious video shows Americans outside the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin who’ve been stopped to recite a scripted dialogue of total Irish-isms.

You’ll find them staging disbelief that “Edna Kennedy” is still the “toysick,” and hanging their wet laundry up on the clotheshorse and throwing it in the immersion. Some of them attempt the accent too.

Then two Irish people have the same conversation with American subtitles, so don’t worry if you were a bit lost yourself. “Ah sure it’s fierce desperate altogether” will translate into “it is very cold,” for example, “you’re some man for one man” into “you are quite an interesting individual,” and “absolutely banjaxed” into “severely hungover.” It makes for some entertaining viewing. 

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What are the words that confuse you the most? Have a funny story of being lost in translation when you were both speaking in English? Let us know the tale in the comments section, below. 

*Originally published in 2014.

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