Four amazing young Irish dancers showed Steve Harvey their “not for beginners” moves on the new talent show Little Big Shots last week. Already the clip has nearly one million hits on YouTube.

It’s no surprise that this clip is so popular the children from Cleary Irish Dance, in Pasadena, CA, really know their stuff. After a very brave and confident young boy put the always game Harvey through some steps they took to the stage to show off their skills.

However, one exchange with the little dancers, from the showman known for mild foot-in-mouth disease went as follows:

Harvey: Do dances have odd names?

Little girl: There’s one called Miss Brown’s Fancy.

Little boy: And there’s one called Kilkenny Races.

Harvey: “What?..Kill Kenny the racist?

Little boy: Not ‘racist.’ ‘Races,’ the plural of ‘race.

Harvey: “Oh. Well it sounded like you said ‘racist’ and I didn’t wanna do the damn dance.'

Oh dear!

Check out the kids mad skills here: