The atmosphere throughout Ireland has been heating up in the the past fortnight as the All-Ireland Football Final approaches.

As excited Dublin and Kerry fans wait impatiently for the action on the field, they’ve hyped up the competition off the field in a rivalry that gets stranger by the day.

Earlier in the week, Dublin unwittingly began a game of “Where is the strangest place you can bring a horse,” when a small horse was pictured on the Dublin Luas (public tram).

Not willing to let the Dubs get all the media attention before the match, Kerry fans decided to turn it into a competition. Fans in Ballybunion galloped ahead when they saddled up their pet pony and brought him out to the pub for a pint.

The horse certainly seems to enjoy the back stuff although fans may need to stop horsing around before somebody gets hurt.

All set for for The Kerry National and the `All-Ireland' final at Purtill's Ocean Bar in Ballybunion, County Kerry today. They sure know about horses and footballers, they know the winner of the national and who will be on the teams on Sunday! Mikey Jones the jockey turns on the style too. Video Don MacMonagle Like & Share away... Up KERRY THE KINGDOM!

Posted by MacMonagle Photography on Dé Céadaoin, 16 Meán Fómhair 2015